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NC State Extension

2021 Swine Research Forum Panelist Presentations

We hope you enjoyed our presentations as much as we did! Please follow these links to our YouTube page and enjoy all of them from the 2021 Forum.

Most everyone included contact information in the end of their presentations. If any other information is needed, feel free to reach out to them or Ms. Bailee Arnold at

“Dynamic Approach to Integrating Feed Cost and Pig Value” Dr. David Rosero

“Engineering and Technology in Swine Production” Dr. Suzanne Leonard

“Applied Nutrition Programs for the Modern Swine Industry” Dr. Eric van Heugten

“Swine Welfare and Technology Update” Dr. Jonathan Holt

“Importance of Intestinal Health for the Growth of Nursery Pigs: Investigation of Biomarkers Based on Meta-Analysis” Dr. Sung Woo Kim

“Meat Science Musings” Dr. Dana Hanson

NC Pork Council CEO Roy Lee Lindsey

“Overview of Swine Programs at the College of Veterinary Medicine” Dr. Glen Almond

“Genetic and Management Strategies to Enhance Pig Farmer Profit” Dr. Mark Knauer

“Understanding Heat Tolerance: Genomics of the Microbiome” Dr. Francesco Tiezzi