NC State University Swine Scientist Nationally Recognized

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Dr. Eric van Heugten, American Feed Industry Association Award in Nonruminant Nutrition Research

Sponsored by: American Feed Industry Association

eric van heugten ncsu

Dr. Eric van Heugten has developed an exceptional swine nutrition program during his 23-year career at North Carolina State University. His laboratory demonstrated that there is a minimum dietary requirement for both α-linolenic and linoleic acid for the modern lactating sow. His other recent scientific contributions include nutritional strategies for mitigation of heat stress and novel applications of enzymes to improve health. He has published 98 peer-reviewed journal articles; secured over $6.2 million in grants; and has given 61 invited presentations. Eric served as co-chair of the steering committee for the National Swine Nutrition Guide and several editorial boards. He has trained 21 Ph.D. and 44 MS students. His former students hold positions in which they directly influence the feeding of over 2 million sows and their offspring. His research has greatly advanced our knowledge of swine nutrition.